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Worm Wine

In the summer of 2011, Gunner started his very own worm farm. Beginning with a few Red Worms (which are also called the “Cadillac” of worms by those who call worms anything), he began to learn about the many helpful things that worms do. Over the next two years, his farm grew and Gunner and his younger sister Paisley began to learn about composting and how to take the worm castings and make a nutritional drink for plants called worm tea. By running the castings (which is just a fancy word for worm poop) through an oxygenation process and adding some all-natural ingredients to help microbial growth, Gunner and Paisley are able to make a safe, environmentally friendly, and pesticide free plant fertilizer. With the help of one of Gunner’s recyclers, Barrett, they began bottling this all-natural worm tea in recycled wine bottles from Gunner’s Glass Recycling business. They decided to call it Worm Wine and you can still see the old wine labels beneath our new labels!

Why it works

Worm castings contain 5x more nitrogen, 7x more phosphorus, and 11x more potassium than ordinary soil, but there are absolutely none of the pesticides and additives associated with commercial fertilizers. Your plants will show an increase in water retention, root, branch and leaf strength and an increase in flower or crop yield.  Healthy microbes promote healthy soil which promotes a healthy plant and it is all done safely, naturally, and is non-toxic. Worm Wine also acts as a soil conditioner and may be used to treat both existing garden beds and soil being prepped for seeding.

How to use it

Apply Worm Wine liberally to the soil around the base of your plants. Use a spray bottle to spray the stem and surface of leaves. This will both nourish the plant and serve as a natural repellent against common pests such as scale, mites, white flies, and aphids. It is best if applied during times without direct sunlight.

Important: Worm Wine must be used within 24 hours of removal from an oxygen-rich environment. Otherwise the dissolved oxygen levels fall below a level that can sustain microbial life. At that point, the Worm Wine becomes no better for your plants than water. Once applied, the microbes are sustained by the plant, while the plant benefits from their presence.

Where to buy it

Worm Wine orders may be placed anytime through our website at We often have batches in progress, but please anticipate five days for delivery. This is the amount of time necessary to complete each batch. All prices include tax and delivery is available at NO extra charge in Nashville!

  • 750 ml Worm Wine bottle - $9
  • 1 gallon Worm Wine jug - $20
  • Lawn & Garden custom application (includes 2 gallons of Worm Wine and application which treats up to ¼ acre) - $40


Applications will be in the evenings or mornings to allow time for Worm Wine to be absorbed without direct sunlight. You do not need to be home for delivery or application.


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